Meet the Team

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Matthew Cave is the Company Secretary of Bridge Interpreting since the company has been established in 2005. Since then, he has been involved within the Deaf community earning a good knowledge of Deaf issues and the challenges faced by the Deaf and ISL Interpreting communities. Bridge Interpreting wants to make sure that all requirements will be met. In order to fulfil our potential and deliver the level of quality, our company aims at delivering an effective service and also respond quickly to the needs of our clients.

Matthew is from Guernsey in the Channel Islands and moved to Dublin in 1993 to study Fine Art in the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). Since then he has been largely self employed and has worked in Market Research, co-ordinated several community art projects and collecting data for the Central Statistics Office. Before moving to Ireland Matthew worked for four years in a Guernsey-based merchant bank where he learned about administration of clients’ portfolios, placing deals on their behalf and liaising with other businesses and investment managers.



Susan Foley-Cave has been involved in the Deaf community since September 1995 when she became a house parent at St. Josephs School for Deaf Boys and attended the Introduction to Deaf Studies extra mural course in Trinity College in 1996/7. In 1999 she successfully completed the Diploma in Deaf Studies (ISL/English Interpreting) at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Bristol University. Susan worked as a freelance ISL Interpreter then until 2002, when she was enrolled in the Dublin Business School and in 2003 was awarded first class honours for her B.A. in Anthropology. Her thesis was an anthropological study of Deaf humour in Ireland and has been subsequently presented in various forms at: ‘Encouraging Signs,’ the Centre for Deaf Studies’ inaugural international conference at Trinity College (September 2004), Dublin and ‘Intercultural Spaces: Language, Culture and Identity’ the Royal Irish Academy Conference in Dublin City University (November 2003).

Susan is a member of the Irish Association of Sign Language Interpreters (IASLI) and the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA). She is a member of the ITIA’s sub-committee on community interpreting in Ireland where she advises on sign language interpreting issues. She is an interviewer on the selection panel for candidates on the Undergraduate Diploma in ISL/English Interpreting taught at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin.


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Karen Allen has been working full time with Bridge Interpreting since 2011 as Booking Manager. Karen’s main role is to liaison between clients and Irish Sign Language (ISL)/English interpreters and source the appropriate interpreter for any events/assignments (e.g. educational, legal, medical etc). Thanks to her long experience and knowledge within this area, Karen has established an invaluable and trustful business relationship with all our clients and interpreters. Karen’s role is to provide the best assistance and guidance to our clients during the booking of an interpreter and at the same time she is very cooperative with all our interpreters during the preparation of assignments (e.g. request of material, preps and anything to assist our interpreters).


Lucia Venturi is the Peer Support and social media communicator of the company. Lucia started her career at Bridge Interpreting in August 2015. One of Lucia’s role is to support interpreters and the vetting of ISL/English interpreters and Educational Support Workers. She is also the social media coordinator responsible of creating and maintaining a strong online presence for the company. Lucia is also creating ISL video content for the Deaf community and engage with interpreters to keep them up-to-date with training, CDPs and published material inherent to the field. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Deaf Studies in 2014.